Thursday, January 01, 2015

Disclaimer: I'm not a Spider

Upon the recommendation of a few Twitter followers, I've decided to start a blog, but in all honesty I don't know how this is gonna go. Well, it's been said that the best time to start something is the moment you decided to do it, so here goes:

I guess I should really start by introducing myself. My name is Ciara Judge and I'm a 17 year old 5th year student in Kinsale Community School, Ireland. I love music, and I play violin, piano and guitar (I got a ukulele for Christmas but realistically I can't say I play it yet). I'm quite opinionated, I have an irrational fear of sharks ever since I watched Jaws as a child, and in case the metaphor I use below confuses you, no I am not a spider. You could say that I do my homework, having got 12 A's in the junior certificate state exams, but results don't define me. Oh and yes, I am that science nerd that occasionally appears on the telly.

I live what I like to call a 'Spiderweb Life.' Everyone has seen a spiderweb, and if you look closely there is something fascinating about the way it is structured (though if you're Australian you're more likely to run away in terror than to spend time examining it). There's a central point, and radiating out from it are these little triangular shaped 'pie slices'. When thinking about how I live I liken these pie slices to different disciplines: student life, science research, education outreach, being an AAT project ambassador, travel, etc. with myself standing in the middle alternating focus and juggling time between them. I have my fingers in many pies - but I like it that way, and it has led me to some interesting experiences.

Because of the strangely diverse life I lead I hope this blog will have something for everyone- for students who, like myself, have to integrate study into their busy lives, for fans of science, or even those in industry. Ironic that I begin blogging now, given that the past three years of my life would have been the ones worth documenting, but at least you now get an insight into the aftermath of my being catapulted from a lowly 2nd year student to being one of the winners of the Google Global Science Fair.

I hope to give out some study tips and advice, and document the trips I'll be going on in the coming year including the Galapagos Islands and the Mojave Desert, and of course you'll get all the news on my further work with the project from the horses mouth. Not only looking to the future, I'll also take a look back at the last three years, to explain how we started out and describe some of the key points along the way. First stop, however, on this cyber journey, will be next week's BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition which is always a highlight of the year. That just reminded me: I have a suitcase to pack! Realistically, with the way 2015 is looking, my suitcase will be in a permanently full state - not a bad way to live.

p.s. If you see me in the RDS next week, come say hi! I'm only a little socially awkward and I promise I wont bite.

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